Exness terms and conditions

Updated 22.04.2024

Our comprehensive guide on Exness Terms and Conditions is designed to equip traders, both novice and seasoned, with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the trading environment with confidence.
  • E-trader.pro.in as an International Facilitator:
    E-trader.pro.in serves as a premier international platform, facilitating connections between online traders, herein referred to as "Users", and a select array of brokers, identified as "Brokers", showcased on this platform. This global portal is dedicated to simplifying the broker selection and comparison process for a worldwide audience, thereby elevating the trading experience through the provision of dependable and extensive broker information.
  • Dedication to Cost Transparency:
    E-trader.pro.in is committed to the maintenance of trading cost integrity, ensuring that the spread remains consistent and refraining from the imposition of additional fees on Users who elect to engage with any Broker featured on the platform. This pledge highlights the platform’s commitment to fostering a transparent and equitable trading environment for all participants.
  • Restrictions on Compensation:
    In circumstances where a Broker declines to issue compensation, potentially due to a User's infringement of trading conditions or other causes, E-trader.pro.in delineates its stance as a disinterested information provider. Lacking the authority to issue compensation to Users, the platform solidifies its role as an informative resource rather than a financial intermediary.
  • Prohibitions on Profile Creation:
    E-trader.pro.in enforces a strict prohibition against the creation of any Profiles by Users within the platform. This policy is instituted to preserve the website’s core objective as a source of information, avoiding direct financial engagements with Users and thus prioritising the quality of content and services offered.
  • Commitment to Privacy Protection:
    E-trader.pro.in unequivocally commits to the protection of User information, ensuring total confidentiality and vowing against the disclosure of any gathered data to third parties. This commitment is buttressed by a comprehensive Privacy Policy, accessible on the website, guaranteeing the security of Users’ personal and trading data.
  • Ensuring Informational Accuracy:
    Although E-trader.pro.in strives to provide Users with accurate and current information, it recognises the potential for discrepancies or inaccuracies within the content available on its site or on associated third-party sites. Nevertheless, the platform is dedicated to diligently verifying and amending information to achieve the utmost accuracy.
  • Disclaimer Regarding Financial Losses:
    E-trader.pro.in expressly states that it assumes no liability for any potential losses incurred within a User's account, which may result from the utilisation of analytical tools or other informational resources provided by the site. Users are advised to employ such data with caution, fully cognisant of the trading risks involved.
  • Intellectual Property Rights:
    All content displayed on E-trader.pro.in, including but not limited to text, graphics, and other materials, remains the exclusive property of the platform. Users are expressly reminded that any reproduction, redistribution, or use of website content, without explicit permission from E-trader.pro.in, is strictly forbidden.
  • Regulation of User Access and Behaviour:
    E-trader.pro.in reserves the discretionary right to restrict or terminate User access to the platform in the event of unauthorised information access, spamming, discourteous interactions with staff, or any behaviour that disrupts the website’s orderly operation. This policy is instrumental in maintaining a respectful, secure, and efficient environment for all Users and staff members.

Detailed information about the legal documents of Exness can be found on the official website of the Exness broker.